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Pentium CP 4G plus 300 Mbps high speed Internet access Easily realize 4G to wired 4G to WIF do not pull broadband network cable and distress And save money on store openings The broadband cost of the company Plug and use Easily change carriers Whichever is best, use it You can access the Internet with electricity Free broadband in remote areas It's worth the trouble of not having access to the Internet Moving constant network Rent due Don't worry about wasting a year's worth of broadband The network connection is broken Enable wired mode Wired wireless now easily shared Optical cable can also be connected It is used as a common router Let's see how it works


1 Connect the Wifi name on the device 2 Enter the Wifi password on the device

Wifi fills every Angle with signal You can't miss those moments Up to 32 users can connect to Imagination wireless network Asian Pro band is suitable for Asia Africa Southeast Asia 4G LT1B 1B 3B 5B 8B 34B 38B 39B 40 B413G UCMA B1B 5B 8 2G g s m e deg B3B 8 The following version is for your reference If there is a special frequency band network needs to be customized You can consult customer service. The R&D team can work together Pro EU routing The frequency band is suitable for Europe Asia Africa Southeast Asia, Middle East 4G LTE B1 B3 B5 B7 B8 B20 B28 B38 B394041 3G UKMA B1 B5 B82G GSM EDAC B3 B8 Router Pro USA band for Americas Europe Asia Africa Southeast Asia Most countries and regions in the Middle East support it 4G LT1B 1B 2 B 3B 4B 5B 7B 8B 12B 17B28B 66B 38B 39B 40 B41 3G OC Ma B1B 2 B 4B 5B8 tell RJ11 a bite to order You can use sim cards Single pack size 22 x 19 x 6 cm The single gross weight is 0.500 kg


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